Cloud Cuckoos, nest in clouds. Of course they do. They favour the ninth type of cloud, ‘cloud nine’, also known as cumulonimbus. Cloud type nine was first identified in the International Cloud Atlas, published in 1896. The Cloud Cuckoos preference for this particular type of cloud is due to its […]

Cloud Cuckoo

A blustery, squally day. Walking around our wildlife garden today, felt more like being a drift at sea! I took the coastal path, trodden by the Badgers; they habitually coast around the perimeter of our meadow. I watched the wind eddy playfully amongst the grasses, making whirlpool nests. I listened […]

Lost at sea!

Nettles Nursery provides premium caterpillar care, throughout metamorphosis, from the youngest of hatchlings. Caterpillars receive a rich, stimulating nursery experience, providing a positive influence on their development and future lives on the wing. A diet of organic, tender young nettles is amply provided. Regular, invigorating mist showers from an important […]

Nettles Nursery

    I read that Jupiter, the mighty God, not the planet! – is believed to have invented violets for his lover, Io, to protect her from his jealous wife. Io’s name is implicit in the flowers name; v’io’let. As an artist, I summoned the spirit of invention, to achieve […]

Making Violets in the sunshine

  After a spell away, visiting the fair Isle of Anglesey, I’m now back in my studio, gathering my senses. Before I left, I released three handsome male Orange tips from my butterfly nursery. Their exquisite chrysalis’ had rested there, out of harms way since late last Spring. I’d rescued […]

Flutter of light.

Honesty, delightfully also known as fairy money, is flowering profusely beside my studio steps. I often gather it into my studio when it goes to seed, gently opening each seed pod purse to reveal the seed money within. Therapeutic in itself, useful too as the pods make for wallpaper granted […]


Spent today making dainty silk stamens for my modelled bluebells. Rolling knots smoothly along lengths of silk floss and snipping them critically tight to the ends, I then dipped them in pollen yellow dye, allowing them to dry in the sunshine before fastening them inside each bell. As I was working […]