Changing Seasons

Meteorologically, Summer ends on 1st September. Astronomically, it ends on 22nd, referred to as the Autumn Equinox. The ‘genius’ Green woodpecker that I’ve been watching through my studio window doesn’t need to reference the Internet to qualify this, as I just have. So too, the squirrel is ‘in on it’. Though it all but defies belief, I’ve just seen said squirrel shimmy down a tree and bury an acorn in the very picnic peck that the woodpecker made! I’m certain of this, because when the woodpecker had finished his surreptitious picnic pecking, I ventured out to see what he’d been sticking his beak in to. I feel sure that the laughing ‘yaffle’, echoing from the nearby woods was uttered entirely at my expense, as I discovered, it was just a hole. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had hoped for buried treasure. Never mind, perhaps the magical, the implausible expectation I may have is where true treasure lies. ‘Imagination’ is a veritable treasure chest! Equally, I cherish the understanding that there’s magic in witnessing nature’s largely unseen behaviour, in being ‘in on the secret’. By rule of head or heart, treasuring encounters with nature amounts to immeasurable wealth.