Honesty, delightfully also known as fairy money, is flowering profusely beside my studio steps. I often gather it into my studio when it goes to seed, gently opening each seed pod purse to reveal the seed money within. Therapeutic in itself, useful too as the pods make for wallpaper granted fairy seal of approval! – evidenced by the picture of a papered wall taken in ‘an actual fairy house!’ These beautiful flowers actually grew from floor sweepings.

As if all this isn’t enchanting enough, the flowers also provide a valuable source of nectar, favoured by bees and butterflies, including one of my favourites, the Orange Tip. Orange Tips are even known to trust their young to them occasionally, laying their eggs close to the flower buds. However, hungry Orange Tip caterpillars seem to prefer Garlic Mustard or Cuckoo Flower, I guess they find them more palatable and sustaining. A little bird once told me this, having spat one out because it tasted so ghastly, after ingesting mustard oils from its food plant, a member of the ‘mustard’ family…broad clue! ‘Orange tips’ are meant to flash ‘warning’, silly bird!

More on this beloved butterfly tip soon; I’m presently working on an Orange tip study.