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“In a unique combination of art, imagery and prose, Jane magically intertwines her exquisite work as an artist with the world of Nature and imagination that inspires it. She presents her breathtakingly beautiful art work through numerous projected images, descriptions and prose, conveying the very essence of her creativity – sharing her aspiration: “To achieve works that are not simply observational, but translations of wonder as well as Nature”. 

Jane E.Hall at the Birmingham Library

Jane’s inspirational talks explore her world of Nature, imagination and art, providing informative insight into the methods she uses to create her delicate, sculptural fine art embroideries, nature mandala’s, flower fairies and other creative pursuits. 

Walk with her through woodlands as she describes the beauty of a cold winter’s day – or perhaps visit the joy of the Snowdrops first flowering; ‘promise of the year ahead’. 

Discover fairy rings, wood nymphs… the secret paths the fox has trodden. 

Journey with her to the coast – gazing out to sea, where perchance you may see mermaids colour-washing their tails.

Explore Janes studio with her, as she describes the hours of meticulous work involved in achieving her fantastically naturalistic three-dimensional works of art.

Consider the mental health benefits of mindfully exploring nature and creativity mindfully. 

Garner insight into nature itself, exploring the interconnectedness of every living thing – from the vast mycelial network beneath the earth to the creatures of the air.

Jane usually talks for approximately an hour and is always happy to allow time beyond this to answer any questions that may have arisen. She endeavours to bring along examples of accomplished work, together with the tools and materials that she uses to achieve them.

Jane is also pleased to offer talks exploring the story of the re-wilded habitat that she, her husband Neil and great friend Andrew George established, surrounding her home and studio: 

‘Madrigal ~ a garden of wild imaginings’. 

Through numerous projected images Jane explores the story of establishing the ‘butterfly garden’ which surrounds  her home and studio on the Dorset/Wiltshire border. 

‘From early days to present day. From digger and dumper to plug plant dibber. From just three or four species of plants, considered pernicious weeds, to over one hundred and twenty wildflower species! Not to mention, a secret underground space in which fairies dwell; and humans may also be, a unicorn and a house on wheels!’ She also touches on how this wildly wonderful environment informs her work as an artist and author.

If you are interested in booking a talk, please contact Jane via the contact page. She is also happy to give talks via Zoom.

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