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‘Reflections of Nature’ ~ the art and embroidery of Jane Hall 
I share my love of Nature and creativity, translating various muses, from the dance of dragonflies, to the wings of an angel.
‘In a unique combination of art, photography and prose, Jane Hall magically intertwines her exquisite work as an artist with the world that has inspired it. She presents her breathtaking embroideries through numerous photographs and descriptions, conveying the very essence of her work to achieve works which are not simply observational, but translations of wonder as well as nature’
From: Reflections of Nature ~ the art and embroidery of Jane Hall ~ ‘Dragonfly Dance’.
“Enchanted at the waters edge, my spirit dances with the flight of the dragonfly. Every ripple of this gentle stream reflects its light. Its darting body, an emerald wand has cast a certain spell on me”.
From: ‘Hope’ 
“I am in the grounds of the Wintershall Estate, in the audience of the Wintershall Passion Play. About me, eucalyptus trees tower into the brightest blue sky, like the buttresses of a vaulted ceiling. Eucalyptus leaves, fallen and crushed in my path usher a heady scent, like incense. I gather a handful, long, delicate and pointed, like feathers, and fan them out in my hand. I find I am holding an angel’s wing”.
‘The Art of Embroidered Butterflies’, dedicated to her love of butterflies, was first published in 2012. Available to purchase in paperback from April 2021.
Showcasing the exquisite work of Jane E. Hall, world-renowned artist and embroiderer, this book offers a unique insight into the methods and materials she uses to create her beloved butterflies. Set amongst the leaves and flowers of their natural habitats, all lovingly worked in breathtaking detail, Jane’s butterfly studies are truly inspirational, and her poetic descriptions of these fascinating creatures will not fail to awaken in you a sense of wonder and awe’.
From: The Art of Embroidered Butterflies’ - Introduction 
‘Butterfly’, a word which speaks volumes to me, evoking a narrative in my mind which begins in childhood: ‘once upon a play time’, one sunny day in the garden, watching fairy-like creatures dancing from one flower to the next and, in my imagination, from one world to the next as, with swiftness of flight, they seemingly disappeared. My imagination still dances between worlds with the butterfly, both focusing my eye on the wonders of our natural world and leading me beyond the seen to the imaginatively perceived. There is great joy in seeing, in using that sense seated in the eye to understand, to learn. But it is perhaps a joy transcended by the sense that lies beyond the eye: imagination’


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